EagleSoar HigherBuild Your Profitability with Canton Elevator Quality and Experience.

Confidence in your supplier is an invaluable asset in today’s competitive marketplace.

Whether it’s for a passenger or freight application, when you specify Canton Elevator, all the stress disappears. Our enviable position in holed and holeless hydraulic system manufacturing began decades ago with both field experience and engineering. In fact, our holeless expertise is second to none in the industry.

Today we offer the most comprehensive line of complete hydraulic elevator systems. Our Paragon™ roped hydraulic equipment provides the simplest on-site assembly you’ll find on the market today. Choose Tradesman™ for the widest range of options in conventional packaged elevator systems.  If a heavy freight or custom elevator application is needed we’ve got that covered too. 

Soar higher with Canton Elevator.  We understand when vendors and buyers come together to form strong, mutually beneficial and secure business relationships growth and profitability can be achieved by both organizations. 


  1. Tradesman

      Simplicity defines the Tradesman™ line of contemporary hydraulic elevator systems which utilize the most trouble-free and easily-serviced components available. There are...Read More about Tradesman

  2. Hole Type

        Traditional design utilizing a single hydraulic jack, which is located under the platform and installe d in the ground. Advantages Disadvantages ...Read More about Hole Type

  3. Holeless

      Design utilizes two hydraulic jacks, which are located on each side of the platform and installed on the pit floor.  Jacks can be single stage or two stage telescopic.&n...Read More about Holeless

  4. Roped Hydraulic - Paragon

            Roped Hydraulic Elevator Equipment     Our design innovations can help put wings to your bottom line. After years of researc...Read More about Roped Hydraulic - Paragon

  5. Traction Machine Room Less (MRL)

          Canton Elevator’s Traction MRL application replaces traditional hydraulic equipment with a gearless machine, ropes and counterweights.  Main guide rai...Read More about Traction Machine Room Less (MRL)

  6. Freight Elevator

      It takes a bunch of muscle to lift a 60,000-lb. fully loaded rig and Canton Elevator has it! We built one of the world’s largest hydraulic freight elevators to lift sem...Read More about Freight Elevator

  7. Residential

    Read More about Residential

  8. Cabs

    Read More about Cabs

  9. Entrances

      Choose your lobby-side entrance appearance from these typical standard treatments and finishing techniques. Offered also but not shown are laminate-clad doors that allow you ...Read More about Entrances

  10. Fixtures

      With JET PLUS pre-engineered car and hall operating stations, it's easier than ever to choose the right fixtures at the right price. And with JET PLUS delivery, your order will ship with...Read More about Fixtures

  11. Components

    Read More about Components